Star Hey Night by Bob Green
duple ccw Becket double progression

A1      Circle left 1/2 (4), Ladies pull by right (4)          Neighbor swing (8)

A2      Long lines forward and back (8)           Ladies right allemande 1 1/2 (8)

B1      Right hand star (men join behind neighbor) (8)  New men start left shoulder diagonal 1/2 hey (8)

B2      Gypsy and swing your partner (16)

Date of Video:  April 2, 2011
Dance Group: Childgrove Country Dancers (St Louis, MO)
Location: Monday Club in Webster Groves, MO
Band: Reel Women (Martha Edwards, fiddle, Kristin Graham, keyboard)
Tune: Cerulean Blue by George Paul
Caller: Bob Green