Linda's Lovely Smile by John Coffman   
Duple  Improper

A1      Neighbor Allemande Right 3/4 to form short wavy lines {see         notes} (4), Balance the Wave {R,L}, (4)
½ Hey {Neighbor pass Right shoulders to start – men do                 slightly more than ½ hey} (8)
A2      Neighbor Gypsy and Swing (16)
B1      Men Allemande Left 1 ½ (8)
Partner Swing (8)
B2      Ladies Chain (8)
Star Left 1X (8)

Progress to new neighbors to start dance over.

Notes:  A1: After the Neighbor Allemande Right ¾, all will end in a short wavy line; men will have left hands in the center, and all will have right hands with their neighbor; all will be facing opposite their direction of progression.  During the ½ Hey, ladies will go exactly ½ Hey; men will go slightly more than ½ Hey.

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