Martha's Hot & Spicy by John Coffman    4/11
Duple  Improper                                                

A1     Zig Left (3), Zag Right (3), Zig Left (2) to meet new neighbors #3 {see notes}
         Allemande Neighbor #3 Right 1X to return to Neighbor #2 (8)   
A2     Neighbor #2 Balance and Swing (16)
B1     Men Allemande Left 1 1/2 (8)
         Partner Swing
B2     Right and Left Through {across} (8)
        Circle Left ¾ (8)

Start dance over with same neighbors.

Notes: Progression takes place in A1.  [Dancers progress forward two places, then back one place for a net progression of one forward.]
The Zig, Zag, Zig is done by holding inside hands {man’s right joined to lady’s left}; couples move {Zig} to their individual left to move
past their current neighbors {ladies passing right shoulders}; then move {Zag}to their individual right to move past their second
neighbors {men pass left shoulders}; then move {Zig}to their individual left again to come face to face with neighbors #3. All
should then allemande Neighbor #3 by the right 1X to face Neighbor #2.

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