Mae's Maze by John Coffman    4/11
Duple, Improper                        

A1  Hands Across Left Hand Star 1X (8)
Men push off and loop out over their own
right shoulder WHILE Ladies Allemande Left 1X(8)
A2  Neighbor Pull By with Right Hands (2), Men
Pull By with Left Hands (2), Partner Swing (12)
B1  Men Allemande Left 1 1/2 (8)
Neighbor Swing (8)
B2  Ladies Allemande Right 1 X (8)
Ladies keep Right Hands for a Hands Across
Right Hand Star 1X (8) {Men step in BEHIND your partner to start the right hand star.}
After turning the right hand star, push off to look for new neighbors to start the dance over.

Notes: In B2, men allow the ladies to allemande right 1X, then fall in behind their partner {in front of their neighbor} to start the hands across right hand star.

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