Men in the Middle by Cammy Kaynor

duple improper

A1 Nbr allemande L 1 1/2 to a long wavy line
     Balance the wave, next neighbor allemande R to a short wavy line

A2: Balance the wave, men allemande L 1X
      Neighbor swing

B1: Ladies pull by R, partner swing

B2: Circle left 3/4, pass Through & see-saw next neighbor (left shoulder do-si-d0

Notes from the choreographer:

1) The dance was written to go with an English Country Dance tune called The Double Lead Through.
2) I wrote the dos-si-dos at the end to be a "left shoulder dos-si-dos" which flows smoothly into the allemande left for the next round of the dance. (You will notice in the video how many times people have to stop and switch hands because the right shoulder dos-si-dos doesn't flow naturally into the allemande left). It also adds a bit of a weave at the end as you pass right shoulders with your neighbor and then left shoulder dos-si-dos the next neighbor. (Although it predates Wizard's Walk I just noticed there is a similarity in the weave with a backing up portion).