Plucking Daisy Petals by Andrea Nettleton

A1 Slide Left (to new Nbrs.) (4)
    Gents dance around Nbr gal to Nbr Gent's place * (4)
    All Mad Robin (Gents fall to middle first) (8)
A2 Nbrs California Twirl  ** (4)
     Nbrs Swing (12)
B1 Gents Allemande L 1 1/2, scoop up Ptnr (8)
     Star Promenade , Butterfly Whirl (8)

B2 Hole in the Wall Pass through *** (4)
     Ptnr Swing (12)

* Gals can dance together and push off back to place, gaining momentum for the Mad Robin if the sets are crowded.

** You could catch eyes with Ptnr. over your shoulder before engaging with your Nbr. for the swing if you are feeling playful. This whole dance is about switching allegiances. Playing it up with eyes is what makes it fun.

*** A "Hole in the Wall" means that as you pass, you pause to catch eyes with the one you are passing, then keep eye contact as you finish crossing, backing into place. It is the final flirtation with another before going home to swing your partner.

Source of dance notes:

Date of video: July 16, 2011
Dance Group: Childgrove Country Dancers (St Louis, MO)
Location: Monday Club in Webster Groves, MO
Band: Ragged Robin (Martha Edwards, fiddle, Ben Schreiber, fiddle, Billy Boyer, keyboard)
Caller: Bob Green