B & B  by Robert Cromartie

duple improper

A1. Balance and swing Neighbor.
A2. Women chain; Women lead a right hand star.
B1. Allemande left shadow; Swing Partner.
B2. Circle left 3/4 and pass through; Dosido (new) Neighbor.

Ron Buchanan calls the second part of A2 "sashay the star," but I'm not sure if he actually directs the dancers to rollaway and then star (I don't, but it's certainly danceable that way). Caller alert: Dancers waiting out just before the shadow allemande must stand proper (the "wrong" way around) or risk serious confusion as dancers cross to get to their shadows.

Source of dance notes:


Dance: Childgrove Contra Dance
Location: Monday Club, Webster Groves, MO
Band: Ragged Robin (Billy Boyer, keyboard, Martha Edwards and Ben Schreiber, fiddle)
Tune: Bridget's Back in Town, Curvy Road to Corinth, Haphazard Breakdown
Caller: Bob Green