Dancers find a partner and scatter around the dance floor. Point to your partner as you say the Sasha! words. ‘Sasha’ is a nickname in Russian for Alexander or Alexandra. “Ras, Dva, Tri” means “One, Two, Three” or “Ready, set, go.”
  Then do the clapping, with partner: “Right, right, right“ means your right hand clapping your partner’s right hand, same with “left, left, left” and “both, both, both,” then you clap your own knees “knee, knee, knee.” I only use these words when teaching the dance.
  Then do a right elbow turn with your partner for 8 beats (four measures), singing “La, la la, etc.” When you say “Hey!” you say it with an upraised first with your left hand, then do a left elbow turn with your partner during the repeat of the music and say “Hey!” raising the right arm.
  Then you leave your partner behind (“Dasvadanya,” Russian for “Goodbye”) and walk randomly around the dance floor. At the end of the B music, you face a new partner.


Souce of dance notes: