The Big Chit Chat by John Coffman
Duple, Becket, Counterclockwise

A1      Ladies Chain  (8)

         Promenade Up/Down Set {see notes} (8)

A2      Lady walks forward and weaves to inside of man directly in front            
          while the man rolls out over right shoulder to meet the lady immediately 
         behind him {the lady does NOT pass the man in front of her during the

         promenade – she weaves TO this man} (2) and Swing this neighbor (14)

B1     Take hands in one large oval {Everbody in the line holds hands – I call 
         this a Chainsaw}, and {big} circle (Chainsaw) to the Left (8)

         Ladies look for the lady that just swung your partner, these ladies 
          allemande right 1 ½ to their partner (8)

B2      Partner Gypsy and Swing (16)

Notes: In A1, after the ladies chain, have dancers face up and down the set in promenade position with men’s left shoulder to the center.

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