Stimulus Package by John Coffman
Duple, Becket
A1  Balance the Ring (4), Spin over Right Shoulder, and move one place to the 
     Right {as in Petronella} (4)

     Neighbor Allemande Left 1 1/2 {to progress}(8)

A2  {New} Neighbor Balance and Swing (16)

B1   Ladies Chain {to Partner}, Men Roll Partner Lady Away with 1/2 Sashay (8)

      Right Hand Star {1X}(8)

B2   Ladies turn in} Partner Gypsy and Swing (16)

Notes: The progression takes place at the end of A1, and it is a little unusual.  When teaching, I like to have dancers take hands four and look past their current neighbors to identify their next neighbors. I would have dancers move one place to the left so they are in BECKET formation.  I would teach the dance from here.

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