Swingshot by Seth Tepfer

Formation:     Improper, starts in wave, nieghbor right hand, ladies left hand
A1: (4) Balance, (4) slide right and walk forward to next wave; (4) Balance, (4) Men  
            allemande right 1x
A2: (4) (new) neighbor balance, (12) neighbor swing
B1:     (4) pass the ocean, (2) women allemande left 1/2 (10) partner swing
B2:     (8) long lines forward and back; (8) right and left thru to ocean wave*

Notes: *Right and Left thru to an ocean wave: (move taken from Mogens Hansen and Tom Hinds): 8 counts: First half is a Right and left thru as normal (right hand pull by, courtesy turn) then ladies take a step forward, turn to the left and take left hands with another woman and right hands with their neighbor . Men turn right and take hands with their neighbor.

Source of dance notes: http://www.dancerhapsody.com/Calling/Dances.html#swingshot