Sama Anna Hannah      by John Coffman     5/2013     Duple, Improper

A1     Neighbor Dos-Si-Dos 1X  (8)
         Neighbor Allemande Right 1/2  (2),
         Men Pull By Across with Left Hands (2),
         Partner Allemande Right 1/2 (2),
         Ladies Pull By Across with Left Hands (2)

A2     Neighbor Balance and Swing  (16)

B1     Men Allemande Left 1 1/2  (8)
         Partner Swing  (8)

B2     Long Lines Forward and Back (8)
          Circle Left 3/4 (6), Pass Through to face new neighbors (2)

Source of dance notes:

Dance Group: Childgrove Country Dancers (St Louis, MO)
Location: Monday Club in Webster Groves, MO
Band: Ragged Robin (Martha Edwards, fiddle, Billy Boyer, keyboard)
Tune: Hommage a Edmond Parizeau by Marcel Messervier, March of the Coffee Zombies by Tom Cunningham, Music for a Found Harmonium by Simon Jeffes
Caller: John Coffman