Hinton's Circle of Love          by Adam Hinton and John Coffman    5/12           Circle Mixer

A1       Ladies into the Middle and Back Out (8)
           Men into the middle, then face out to make a Long Wavy {continuous} Line {or circle}
           Men Face Out; Ladies Face In - partner is in Right hand (8)      

A2       Balance the Lines {R,L} (4), Slide Right as in Rory O' More (4)
           Partner Allemande Left 1 1/2 (8)

B1       New Neighbor Balance and Swing {this becomes your new partner} (16)

B2       Promenade Counterclockwise {men have left shoulders to center} (8)
           Circle Right (8)

Source of dance notes: http://sites.google.com/site/capecontradance/home/contra-dances-by-john-coffman

Dance Group: Childgrove Country Dancers (St Louis, MO)
Location: Monday Club in Webster Groves, MO
Band: Ragged Robin (Martha Edwards, fiddle, Billy Boyer, keyboard)
Tunes: Reel Du Semeur, Reel Saint-Jean, Old Man, Old Woman
Caller: John Coffman