Burning the Bacon by Steve Zakon-Anderson


A1 (8) Circle L  
     (8) Neighbor Aleman Right 1 1/2
          End in long wavy lines, ladies facing out

A2   (4) Balance the wave  (4) Gents cross, ladies turn rt(into new long wavy lines)
       (4) Balance the wave (4) Ladies cross, Gents turn rt (into long wavy lines)

B1 (16) Balance the wave, Neighbor swing

B2  (8) Ladies start 1/2 hey
       (8) 1s swing


Date of video: October 28, 2017
Dance Group: Music City Masqurade
Location: Nashville, TN
Caller: Steve Zakon-Anderson
Band:Buddy System (Noah VanNorstran-fiddle, Julie Vallimont-keyboard)