Mover and Shaker by Rick Mohr

 Contra, Becket (right)

A1: Long lines forward  & back(8)
Women chain (to neighbor) (8)
A2: Half hey (women pass right shoulders to start) (8)
Swing next neighbor (8)
B1: Pass through to a wave (women take left hands, neighbors take right) (4)
Balance the wave right (4)
"Rory O'Mohr" slide or spin right (4)
Balance the wave left (4)
B2: "Rory O'Mohr" slide or spin left—ladies all the way across to partner (4)
(Balance and) swing partner (12)

Date of video: February 18, 2018
Dance Group: Corvallis Contradance Weekend
Location: Corvallis, OR
Caller: Susan Petrick
Band:Free Raisins:Jeff Kaufman (mandolin, octave fiddle), Audrey Knuth (fiddle), Amy Englesberg (piano)