Wild Blue Yonder  by John Coffman      (Duple, Becket)


A1      Long Lines Forward and Back (8)
          Left Diagonal Ladies Chain (8)

A2      Ladies Chain Across {to shadow} (8) 
          Mad robin {ladies to inside first} (8)

B1      Square Through Four With Balances [start by giving right hands to your neighbor {not shadow} across the set] (16) 

B2      Partner Balance and Swing (16)     

While standing in Becket formation, your shadow is beyond your partner.


Date of video: March 3, 2018
Dance Group: Chance Dance
Location: Cape Cirardeau, MO
Caller: John Coffman
Band:Medow Hawk (Amanda Ramey-fiddle, Claire Johnson-fiddle, Matt Torino-guitar)