Parkay: Ode to a Dance Floor by Jim Hemphill


A1 Right left thru
     Left hand star 3 places, gents step into a long wave in the center
A2 Wave balance, gents allemande right half way
     New neighbor swing
B1 Long lines forward and back
     Ladies allemande right 1 1/2
B2 Partner balance and swing
Calling notes: 
In A2 the neighbor swing tends to end with couples "saw toothed" so during the long lines in B1 couples can shift slightly to the left to re-align across from their partner.
When waiting out at the ends, have the lady on the left and gent on the right.

Date of video: April 29, 2018
Dance Group: Childgrove Country Dancers
Location: Webster Groves, MO
Caller: Jim Hemphill
Band:The Rootdiggers