Wizard's Walk dance by Ruthie Ungar, tune by Jay Ungar

Improper contra

A1 Circle left half way; balance in the ring repeat to get home

A2 In your rings of four, starting on the side: grand chain 5 places, gypsy partner left i.e. chain right round, then one more chain to progressed place, then gypsy

B1 Balance and swing partner, ending facing away from the couple you have been dancing with

B2 Wizard's walk: 1s separate and go down outside 2s, meet and continue down to split next 2s; 1s now separate and back up outside those 2s, meet and back through previous 2s ready to form the circle to start the dance again the 2s should oscillate in and out to make room for the Lizard Walk variant the 2s can move up the set and back to share the work with the ones.

Published in GEMS, the CDSS Diamond Jubilee contest book

Source of dance notes: http://www.cambridgefolk.org.uk/contra/dances/ruth_ungar/wizards_walk.html

Here are Ted Steele's notes (with the variation in A2 danced in the video)

Wizard’s Walk (variation) by Ruthie Ungar  Contra Improper

A1       Circle Left half way, Balance the circle
Circle Left half way, Balance the circle

A2       “Mini Grand Right and Left” Right hand to your neighbor, pull by. Left to your Partner, pull by. Right to your neighbor, pull by. Left to your Partner, pull by.

            Gypsy your Neighbor by the Right Shoulder once and a half

B1       Balance and Swing your Partner across the set, end facing your original direction (ones go down, twos go up).

B2       “Wizard’s Walk” Ones separate around the twos; ones split the next twos
Back up around the twos, split the original twos. Ones back where they started the WW.