The Eggbeater by Bill Olson
duple     improper 

A1: Neighbor allemande Left  ~x 1.5 (8)
      Women 1/2 chain across (8)

A2: Star Left (hands across) x ~7/8 until Men meet in temporary long wavy line down the center of set (Women still have Left hands joined) (8),
      Eggbeater* (Men allemande Right x ~1.75 , WHILE Women allemande Left  x ~1.5 (8)

B1: Balance and Swing Partner (face across)** (16)

B2: 1/2 Promenade (8), (with same Neighbors) Circle Left 3/4, pass thru (to meet new Neighbors) (8)

Dance Group: Childgrove Country Dancers (St Louis, MO)
Location: Monday Club in Webster Groves, MO
Band: Reel Women and the Jigelos (Martha Edwards, fiddle, Kristin Graham, keyboard, Mike Brown, bass)
Tune: Father Kelly's, Le Releveur, Randy Miller's Reel
Caller: Bob Green