A Little Ramsay Diveyby Bob Green

Tune: Mairzy Doats by Jerry Livingston        Improper Double Progression

A1       Neighbour do-si-do (8)
           Right-hand star 1 X around (8)
A2       Turn single over left shoulder and set to partner (8)
           Partners go back-to back (8)
B1       Poussette halfway, men backing up (8)
           Poussette halfway, men backing up (8) (ricochet )
B2       1s arch - 2s dive, then 2s arch-1s dive thru backwards (8)
           1s arch - 2s dive, then with NEXT neighbours,
           2s arch - 1s dive, to face still another new neighbour (8)

Birhtday Canon by John Ramsay

Mr. Maggot's Beverage by Bob Green

Longways Duple Proper    Tune: Tequila  by Chuck Rio    4/4  F

A1    1s cross and cast below as the 2s half gypsy up to  
1s  place. (8)
1s and 2s back to back across the set. (8)

A2    2s cross and cast below as 1s half gypsy back up 
to place. (8)
1s and 2s go back to back across the set. (8)

B1    1st corners cross. 2nd corners cross (8)
All face your corner and set and turn single (8)

B2    2s half figure of 8 around the 1s
1s half figure of 8 around the 2s

Jack's Sparrow by Bob Green   Used by permission

4 couple longways
Tune: “He’s A Pirate” arranged by Ben Schrieber & Eric Daniels

A1- Lines of 4 advance forward & retreat (8) *
Top man –bottom woman change places (8)

A2- Top woman- bottom man change (8)
Center 4 two changes of rights and lefts (8)

B1- Top 4 & Bottom 4 turn right hands across 1X 
around (8)
Top 4 & Bottom 4 right left hands across 1X

B2- All  face partner & set and turn single (8)
#1 couple (currently at bottom) 2–hand turn 1 ½ to 
end proper, while top 6 circle halfway (8)

Teaching notes (band play tune)
A1- 1st corners change places (the #1 man and #4 woman) do a “hole-in-the-wall” right hand turn to switch) (prompt early, they tend to forget). Same for second corners.

B2 – the second half is a meanwhile figure.
*The lines in A1 can also be done setting  R & L as you go forward and back.


The Castigated Neighbor by Bob Green

duple proper

A1    1s cast below the 2s , 2s move up (4) All cloverleaf turn single (4)
        2s gate the 1s (8)

A2    2s cast below the 1s , 1s move up(4) All cloverleaf turn single (4)
        1s gate the 2s (8)

B1     Double figure of eight (1s cast, 2s cross to start)

B2     1s two-hand turn 1 ½  (8)
         Cast below the 2s, 2s move up (4)
         1s two-hand turn  1/2 to progressed place (4)

Author’s Note: in B1, if the dancers are not highly experienced, substitute a full figure pf 8 for the 2s. A1 & A2 can also be done with a 8-count cast, eliminating the cloverleaf turn single.