Lego Jackson Rag  (Bob Green, 4/4/20)    [5 couple set]
Tune: Levi Jackson Rag       Original version by Pat Shaw

5 couples: one head couple and 2 pairs of side couples in a horse-shoe formation


  • Sides half right and left through and the head couple moves to middle place
  • sides half right and left back, and the head couple moves to the bottom


  • Sides circle left once while the head couple casts home
  • all do si do partner


  • 5 ladies chain: ladies go in for a right hand star, past their partner, past the next and is chained out by the next
  • repeat the 5 ladies chain
    • the ladies have all moved one place right to a new partner


  • All promenade round the set one place to the right, balance
  • ... and short swing new partner