The Castigated Neighbor by Bob Green                       duple proper

A1    1s cast below the 2s , 2s move up (4) All cloverleaf turn single (4)
        2s gate the 1s (8)

A2    2s cast below the 1s , 1s move up(4) All cloverleaf turn single (4)
        1s gate the 2s (8)

B1     Double figure of eight (1s cast, 2s cross to start)

B2     1s two-hand turn 1 ½  (8)
         Cast below the 2s, 2s move up (4)
         1s two-hand turn  1/2 to progressed place (4)

Author’s Note: in B1, if the dancers are not highly experienced, substitute a full figure of 8 for the 2s. A1 & A2 can also be done with an 8-count cast, eliminating the cloverleaf turn single.

Calling by Bob Green
Tune "March of the lost Boys" by George Paul
Music by the Tu' Penny Players (Tim Hirzel, flute, Martha Edwards, violin, Kristin Graham, keyboard)
Date of video: 6/22/2013
Occasion: Childgrove Country Dancers - Midsummer Night Ball
Location: The Monday Club, Webster Groves, MO