Puck’s Deceit (1997)  By Chris Sackett and Brooke Friendly.

Duple Minor Longways
Al 1-4 1s R-shoulder gypsy once round while 2s advance toward each other, then cast up
          to end behind neighbor
A2 1-4 1s pass R-shoulder to gypsy R-shoulder with diagonal (end facing this person)
B1 1-8 Hey for 4 across the set, R-shoulder to diagonal to begin, ending in line of 4
          facing up with 1s in middle, improper (this goes fast)
B2 1-4 Line of 4 up a double and back
     5-6 2s gate turn the ls three quarters (ls forward to begin) to face partner
     7-8 1s pass R-shoulder to cross to own side
Music: Kettle Drum, Playford 1651
Teaching point: At the end of A2, all are in a line of 4 across the set with the 2s on the outside
facing in and the I s improper in the middle facing out.

Dance published in Impropriety (2006) by Brooke Friendly and Chris Sackett

Available at: http://www.brookefriendlydance.com/books_cd/impropriety_1.shtml