The Introduction by Fried de Metz Herman

4 couple set, longways

A1    4    1's cast down two places while 2's and 3's slide up one place on the
              last 6 counts
        2    bottom two couples (1's and 4's) right-hand star 1/2
        2    middle two couples (3's and 4's) left-hand star 1/2,
              ending 2 4 3i 1i
A2    8    Repeat A1 from these new positions, ending 4 1i 3 2i On the
              last three counts release hands and separate slightly for
              while the other couples wait 6 counts and then (6) 4's
              slide up one place (12) 2's, 3's and 4's crossed-hand swing,
              ending proper 2 3 4 1
B1    2    Right diagonals (same sex) change places by right shoulders
        2    Left diagonals (same sex) change places by left shoulders
        4    Repeat the first 12 counts, ending 2 3i 1 4i
B2    6    1's (in 3rd place) lead to the top and cast into bottom place
        2    1's crossed-hand swing, ending proper

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