Footprints in the Sand by Brooke Friendly & Chris Sackett

Duple Minor Longways
A1 1-7 2nd diagonals give partner R-shoulder to begin a hey for 4 on the 1st diagonal
     8    2nd diagonals L-shoulder gypsy about three quarters in middle to face out on 2nd
           diagonal improper while 1st diagonals finish hey and go straight across the set to
           the other side (1 d diagonals end in partner's place)
A2 1-6 2nd diagonals give (original neighbor) R-shoulder to begin a hey for 4 on the 2nd
     7-8 2nd diagonals go two places CW around the set to original diagonal's place while
           1st diagonals finish hey and go CW up or down the side one place to original
           diagonal's place (all progressed and improper)
B1 1-8 Circle 4-hands round to left and back to right
B2 1-4 Partners L-shoulder back to back
     5-8 Partners 2-hand turn once and a half

Music: Mendocino Morning by Peter Barnes, 2008
Teaching Point: For A2 bars 7-8, instead of 2 nd diagonals passing partner by R-shoulder to come
back into center of set, they see partner coming at them and move CW round outside of set, with
partner following.

Source of dance notes: Impropriety VolumeIII: Country Dances of Brooke Friendly and Chris Sackett    used by permission