Mendocino Redwood by Mary Devlin. Bob Fraley, Elizabeth Zekley         
     longways duple

A1  1-4  Up a double and back
       5-8  Twos 1/2 figure 8 up through the ones
A2  1-4  Down a double and back
       5-8  Ones 1/2 figure 8 down through the twos
B1  1-8  Right hands across, Left hands across
B2  1-2  1st corners change L shoulder (1st man, 2nd woman)
       3-4  2nd corners change R shoulder (1st woman, 2nd man)
       5-8  Partners 2-hand turn once round & end facing up.


Date of video: Nov 5, 2011
Dance Group: Fairfolk Contra & English Country Dancing
Location: Fairfield, Iowa
Caller: Joanna Reiner
Band: Members of Bare Necessites - Peter Barnes(winds), Earl Gaddis(violin), and Jacqueline Schwab(piano)
Tune: "Woodlands Walk" by Jonathan Jensen