Bridget's Christmas Eve

Choreography by Bob Green  Tune by Larry Unger  3/4  Bm  duple proper

A1 1s cast down & cross below the 2s, hook on to the ends of a line of 4 (4)
     Line of 4 (original neighbors,1s outside & 2s center) lead up a triple (2)
     Turn alone & lead back (2)
A2 1s down the outside while 2s turn back(toward partner) & lead up (2)
     Turn the next by the handy hand once and a half (4)
     1s up the middle,2s down outside & all gypsy your original neighbor(2)
B1 Double figure of 8 with 1s crossing up (8)
B2 Back to back with partner(4)
     2 hand turn with partner to end proper (1 1/2 for the 1s. 1x for the 2s) (4)

Note: A2 modified to make the dance less space consuming