Leslie's Valentine by Scott Higgs

A1 1W set (advancing) to 2M, both turn single // 1W cast down behind 2W,
     with 2M following. End with 1W in 2M place, 2M in 2W place. (2W steps up when clear.)
A2 All face Partner (up & down): Set and turn single // Men dance across set
     and loop clockwise - with partner following. This "chase" is the equivalent of a nohands   circle Left 3/4, ending with 1s below, proper, and 2s above, improper.
B1 2s stand still in 1st place, while 1s keep moving (1W begin up the center,
     1M up the outside) to "Mad Robin" up through the 2s and loop back to
     (progressed) place // All turn Partner with both hands - once round for the 1s,
      halfway for the 2s, who then cast out to ends of a line of 4 facing up.
B2 Line of 4 (all proper - 1s in middle) lead up and fall back - stay facing up //
      Set in line. 2s gate the 1s to progressed places.

Source of dance notes: http://scotthiggs.com/choreo/LV.pdf