Trip to Harlem

By Bob Green         Longways proper
Tune: Drop Me Off in Harlem by Duke Ellington 2/2 Bflat

A1 Up a double and back (8) Back a double and forward (8)
A2 Sliding doors with partner across the set (both facing up, woman passing in front, then catching right hands with partner going back (8) Right hand turn (8)
B1 Clockwise around longways set (4), "High-five" right hand turn halfway w/shadow(4) Unlockwise around longways set (4), "High-five" right hand turn halfway w/partner(4)
B2 Top couple strolls to the bottom, while everyone else moves up one place


Date of video: October 18, 2014

Dance Group: Childgrove English Country Dance

Location: Webstr Groves, MO

Caller: Bob Green

Band: Tu' Penny Players - Martha Edwards(violin), Tim Herzel(flute), and Kristin Graham(piano)