Trip to Cincinnati by Bob Green


A1 Gents gate the ladies 1 1/4 to a large star
     All star half way (ladies holding right, partner holding on)
A2 Women sashay in left in front, men behind, catch hands with partner
      Women sashay in right in front while men sashay behind, reform star & star halfway
      Gents loop over left shoulder while ladies move one place left casting over right
B1 Turn left hand lady by the right
     Turn right hand lady by the left
B2 Back to back with left hand lady, starting right shoulders
     Back to back with right hand lady, starting left shoulders

Date of video: May 12, 2016
Dance Group: Cincinnati English Country Dancers
Location: Cincinnati, OH
Caller: Bob Green
Band: Ladies at Play ( Miranda Arana, Shanda McDonald, and Kathy Dagg with guest Lady Martha Edwards)