Dance with Me   by Rebekah Valencia Tune by Ruth Valencia (triple minor)

A1       (1-4)    Partners spiral once

            (5-8)    Ones cross, go below/Twos move up

A2       (1-4)    Ones right-hand turn 1-1/4 (lady faces up, gent faces down)

            (5-6)    Hands Three - Balance the ring

            (7-8)    Turn single

B1       (1-8)    Hey for three (Start same gender by the right – end proper, 2-1-3)

B2       (1-4)    Partners set and turn single (or set twice) **

            (5-8)    Partners two-hand turn once




Date of video: July 3, 2017
Dance Group: Culver City English Country  Dance
Location: Culver City, CA
Caller: Bob Green
Band: The Ladies at Play (Shanda McDonald-keyboard,fiddle Miranda Arana-flute, Katthy Dagg-guitar Martha Edwards-fiddle)