Emma's Commencement by Alan Simpson-Vlach

 A1 1-4   Cpl 1 dances a half figure of 8 down through Cpl 2 to end at the line of dance
              on the opp side of the set from starting position.
     5-8    Cpl 1 sets twd each other moving (meas 5-6); taking two-hand hold,
              cpl 1 circles to the L (CW)(meas 7-8).
A2 9-16  Cpl 2 repeat meas 1-8 dancing a half figure of 8 up through cpl 1.
B1 1-4    All balance fwd, and then the same back to place (meas 1-2); turn
             individually CW while moving to the position of the person to the R (meas 3-4).
   5-8      Rejoin hand hold, and repeat meas 1-4.
B2 9-12  Open Ladies Chain;
  13-16   Without stopping fwd movement, repeat meas 9-12 with new ptr.

Date of video: September 1, 2017
Dance Group: Childgrove Country Dancers
Location: Webster Groves, MO
Caller: Bruce Hamilton
Band: Ladies at Play (Shanda McDonald-keyboard, Martha Edwards-fiddle, Miranda Arana-flute, Kathy Dagg-guitar)