Woodshed by Lise Dyckman, Jim Saxe, Nancy Baugh and Alan Winston

Longways duple (6/8, A) Tune: Megajig by Larry Unger, about 92 bpm, bluesy.
A   1-4 Circle L.
    5-8  Parallel gates (1st corners forward).
  9-15  Hey for four across (1st corners pass LS through the middle to start, then RS
          on- the outside).
    16  1st corners finish at home while 2nd corners do a LS half-gypsy to meet partner
         ("fish-hook"). This offsets the couples a bit ccw.
B 1-6  Whole poussette ccw.
   7-8  Balance forward and back and open up to face in.
  9-12 1st corners cross; 2nd corners cross.
13-16 Partners 2H balance and then, keeping-the h-an-ds-nearest-to new neighbors,
         change places turning the lady under and face those neighbors.


Date of video: September 1, 2017
Dance Group: Childgrove Country Dancers
Location: Webster Groves, MO
Caller: Bruce Hamilton
Band: Ladies at Play (Shanda McDonald-keyboard, Martha Edwards-fiddle, Miranda Arana-flute, Kathy Dagg-guitar)