Saphire Sea by Christine Robb

 Sapphire Sea-Longways duple (c. F)
by Christine Robb [2015]. Tune: Tom Kruskal's by Amelia Mason & Emily Troll.

A 1-8 Circle 4 once around. 1st corners RH turn.

9-12 2nd corners LH turn.

13-16 Is cast down into the middle of a line of 4 while 2s lead up and cast
onto the ends. All face 2nd woman.

B 1-8 Dolphin hey, Is passing RS with 2nd woman to begin. Finish in line of
4 facing up. From caller's L~R: W2,W1,M1,M2.

9-12 Line leads up a double and falls back.

13-16 2s gate the Is up approximately half-way, letting go early to drift into

new circles for the next round.

Date of video: September 1, 2017
Dance Group: Childgrove Country Dancers
Location: Webster Groves, MO
Caller: Bruce Hamilton
Band: Ladies at Play (Shanda McDonald-keyboard, Martha Edwards-fiddle, Miranda Arana-flute, Kathy Dagg-guitar)