Inklings Romp   by RenĂ©e Camus, Tune: It Rains by Dogs and Cats, by Dave Wiesler (duple improper)

A 1-2 1s set Right and Left
3-4 1s change places as follows: half walkaround (gypsy) Right-shoulder to
pass each other, then turn single Left to opposite place (like an S shape).

5-6 All face your corner and set to Right and Left.
7-8 All circle Right halfway (3 counts) and turn single Right (cast out of the circle) (3 counts). (Finished progressed, 2s improper.)

B1 1-2 All walkaround (gypsy) partner Right shoulder once around, then
3-4 All walkaround neighbor Left shoulder.
5-8 2 nd diagonals (gents) start a Hey for 4 by passing Right-shoulder in the
middle (1 st diagonals/ladies loop to start hey). Go slightly more than
halfway (4 changes; gents just pass each other again) until you meet your
partner (1s are below 2s).

B2 1-2 All draw back into line (like a half poussette* CW: Gents moving forward;
Ladies have to reverse momentum). End 1s above, improper (2s proper).
3-4 All cloverleaf turn single (tops (1s) turning up, bottoms (2s) turning down)(6 counts)

5-6 All 2 changes of Rights and Lefts (with hands, starting with partner across)
7-8 All turn partner 2-hands to get proper (1s once around, 2s halfway)