Tetherball   by RenĂ©e Camus, Tune: The Gale, by Susan Conger (duple proper)

A1 1-4 (8 cts) 1s (small loop in and) cast to second place, then change places quickly
           (on beats 7-8, like Hole in the Wall cross), ending close together, WHILE 2s
            come together (4 cts) then lead up (4 cts), ending close together, facing each  
     5-8 (8 cts) All fall back with (opposite gender) neighbor, and come forward turning 
           single (optional)

A2 1-4 Two changes of Rights and Lefts starting with partner across (4 cts each)5-8  
            Partner 2-hand turn once around
B1 1-8 Double Mad Robin figure CW along the sides (facing partner across); on
            last beat, turn to face neighbor on side
    9-16 Double Mad Robin CCW across the set (facing neighbor above or below)

B2 1-4 (8 cts) All turn Neighbor 2-hands once and a half (skipping if you want) to 
    5-8 (8 cts) 1s turn partner 2-hands once round (finish proper) WHILE 2s turn partner
          2-hands halfway, ending close (4 cts), and push away to fall back (4 cts).