Jack's Sparrow by Bob Green   Used by permission

4 couple longways
Tune: “He’s A Pirate” arranged by Ben Schrieber & Eric Daniels

A1- Lines of 4 advance forward & retreat (8) *
Top man –bottom woman change places (8)

A2- Top woman- bottom man change (8)
Center 4 two changes of rights and lefts (8)

B1- Top 4 & Bottom 4 turn right hands across 1X 
around (8)
Top 4 & Bottom 4 right left hands across 1X

B2- All  face partner & set and turn single (8)
#1 couple (currently at bottom) 2–hand turn 1 ½ to 
end proper, while top 6 circle halfway (8)

Teaching notes (band play tune)
A1- 1st corners change places (the #1 man and #4 woman) do a “hole-in-the-wall” right hand turn to switch) (prompt early, they tend to forget). Same for second corners.

B2 – the second half is a meanwhile figure.
*The lines in A1 can also be done setting  R & L as you go forward and back.