The Amazed Geneticist by Pat Shaw

A1      Bars 1-8 (16 Counts) Double Figure Eight across the set: Enders dance figure 8 across the set followed by inners who cast out to the end to follow the ender of the same gender. Ladies pass in front of their partner at the X in the center of the 8. The loop on the ladies side of the 8 is left-shouldered while the loop on the men's side is right shouldered. Don't tail gate on the track, follow at a distance.
A2      Bars 1-8 (16 Counts) Double Figure Eight down the set: Enders, still followed by the same inner, dance down the center (parallel to partner), separate halfway down the set and turn in at the far end to meet partner for the return trip to home.
B1      Bars 1-2 (4 Counts) Both ender couples go down the center to meet in the center as the inners finish their 8's by moving up the outside to the nearest end.
Bars 3-4 (4 Counts) Ender ladies (now in center) pass left shoulder 2 counts and pause facing to the new end, then ender men pass right shoulder 2 counts and remain facing the new end.
Bars 4-8 (8 Counts) Circle once round with the facing groups of 4.
B2       Bars 1-4 (8 Counts) Original inners (now on the ends) gate the original enders thru the ends and around to their current inner spots
Bars 5-8 (8 Counts) Entire circle of Eight slip/chassez to the left halfway to finish in new positions; Enders have become inners and inners have become enders. Repeat in new positions for a total of four times thru the dance to end in original positions.

Music and dance figures for Amazed Geneticist were composed by Pat Shaw in 1974 with an alternative title of Ramsay' Reelings.