The Castigated Neighbor by Bob Green

duple proper

A1    1s cast below the 2s , 2s move up (4) All cloverleaf turn single (4)
        2s gate the 1s (8)

A2    2s cast below the 1s , 1s move up(4) All cloverleaf turn single (4)
        1s gate the 2s (8)

B1     Double figure of eight (1s cast, 2s cross to start)

B2     1s two-hand turn 1 ½  (8)
         Cast below the 2s, 2s move up (4)
         1s two-hand turn  1/2 to progressed place (4)

Author’s Note: in B1, if the dancers are not highly experienced, substitute a full figure pf 8 for the 2s. A1 & A2 can also be done with a 8-count cast, eliminating the cloverleaf turn single.