Greensleeves and Yellow Lace

3 couple longways


1st couple set and cast into 2nd place, 2nd couple move up; 2nd couple the same. All that again.

1st man figure-8 through 3rd couple (anticlockwise round woman), 1st woman (starting after her partner) figure-8 through 2nd couple (clockwise round man). 1st man and 1st woman change ends passing R shoulders, figures-8 at opposite ends of the set.

1st man hands-3 with 3rd couple 1!/2, while 1st woman the same with 2nd couple; 1st couple pass R shoulder, hands-3 at opposite ends of set; 1st couple pass R shoulder and go into 2nd place.

1st man hey with 3rd couple (passing 3rd woman L), 1st woman hey with 2nd couple (passing 2nd man L). 1st couple cross and hey at opposite ends, 1st couple lead down to 3rd place, as the 3rd couple moves up.

Da capo, 2nd couple leading; then 3rd couple.


Credit: Dance notes from