Arcadian Nuptials

24-bar (a slipjig, triple-time) triple-minor longways
Thompson; this is one of the three dances described as having been danced at the Turtle Frolic, Newport, 1752,
many years before it was actually published.

A1  (1-4) 1s turn by the right and cast off into 2nd place (2s move up).
A2  (5-8) 1s turn by the left once around and cast to lines, man down, woman up.
B1  (9-16) Taking hands in lines of 3 across the set, all lead forward and balance, then back and balance;
      lead forward and balance again, and on the return, the 1s Petronella turn to form lines at the sides
      lines forward and back
B2 Circle left, partner hand turn to end proper two