Braes of Dornoch

3-couple longways set

A  1-4  1st cu. lead to btm., cast up to middle 
        (2nd cu. lead up).
   5-8  1st cu. 2-hd. turn.
   9-12 1st cu. lead to top, cast back down to middle place.
  13-16 1st cu. 2-hd. turn ¾; then turn alone to R 
        (end in ctr.: 1st man facing down, 1st wo. up, 
        w. backs to ptnr.), WHILE ends turn in to face 1st 
        cu. All take hands in wavy line of 3 
        (like Scottish “double triangles”).
B  1-2  All set fwd. & back in line.
   3-8  Those-who-can L-hd. turn, then 1st cu. turn other 
        dancer in line (1st man/3rd man; 1st wo./2nd wo.) 
        until 1st cu. finishes proper in middle place.
   9-12 Ptnrs. R-sh. back to back.
  13-16 Btm. 2 cus. (1st & 3rd) 3 changes R & L (w. hands), 
        WHILE top cu. (2nd) 2-hd. turn once round.

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