Part I
  A1 1-4 1st couple turn right-hands.
     5-8 1st couple cast down to second place, 
         2nd couple moving up on bars 7-8.
  A2 1-4 1st couple turn left-hands.
     5-8 1st couple cast down to bottom place, 
         3rd couple moving up on bars 7-8.
  B1 1-8 All circle six-hands around clockwise and back, slipping.
  B2 1-6 1st couple lead up center to top and cast down to 
         middle place, 3rd couple moving down.
     7-8 1st couple meet and turn single, man to right, woman to left. 
  Part II
  A1 1-4 1st man turn 3rd woman two-hands whlle 
         1st woman turn 2nd man two-hands.
     5-8 1st couple turn two-hands in center.
  A2 1-4 1st man turn 2nd woman two-hands three 
         quarters while 1st woman turn 3rd man
         two-hands three-quarters.
     5-8 1st couple turn two-hands once-and-a-half 
         {skipping and increasing speed of turn}.
  B1 1-8 1st man figure-eight through 2nd couple above, 
         passing right shoulder with 2nd woman,
         whlle 1st woman does the same with 3rd couple 
         below, passing 3rd man right shoulder.
  B2 1-6 1st couple pass by left in center and hey 
         for three at other end, skipping,
         the 1st woman passing 2nd man left shoulder, 
         1st man passing 3rd woman left shoulder.
     7-8 Finishing the hey, 1st couple lead down center 
         to bottom, 3rd couple end in middle, 2nd at top.
         Repeat dance twice more.