Berea College Country Dancers circa 1988

Berea College Country Dancers tour to Mexico; GST 025 performance at Green Valley United Presbyterian church, Green Valley AZ, January 10, 1988. John and Risse Ramsay

Musicians: Atossa Kramer, Lewis Lamb, Donna Lamb, Gregg Collins

Dancers: Neal Denton, Robert Hawkins, Michael Hunt, Davey King, Roger Long, Daniel Sides, Joe Wilkie, Charles Mann, Michael Woodard, Marsha Fields, Rhonda Gillespie, Leah Goss, Susan Hutchinson, Teresa Knapp, Vonda Morgan, Jeannie Robinette, Sherry Taylor

The final dance at Lovett Hall

Paul Ross has a wonderful collection of videos of Fried deMetz Herman.

(Please note: Paul Ross (aka "Childgrove") and the Childgrove Country Dancers (aka "Childgrove") have no relation to each other, other than friendly admiration. The Childgrove Country Dancers were named in 1978 after a school in St Louis, Missouri where the founders of the dance group were both teachers.)

Moutain Folk Festival 1993 in Berea, Kentucky