Kitchen Sink Squareby Mac McKeever

Heads For & Back
Heads R&L thru
Head Gents all3 L 1X scoop up part – star promenade – Bfly whirl at home
Whirl a little extra to face side couple on left  (sides face right)
 (From this point – calls are for all 4 couples)
Pass thru couple you are facing – continue around square to next couple
R&L thru with this couple
Go back the way you came – pass thru first couple, R&L with second couple
All now back home – heads still facing left, sides facing right
Heads arch – duck and dive all the way around square (pass each couple twice)
Cir L – 2 circles of 4
Do-pass-o –
                                                                                                         Start right to corner ; left to part; right to corner – end with courtesy turn w/ partner.
                                                                                                         Circle left 4
                                                                                                         Bouquet waltz a little while and then swing at home.

                                                                                                         Repeat for sides